Fiore Achermann to Represent CONCEPTION Dive Boat Fire Victims

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In late August 2019, Conception, a dive boat carrying 33 passengers and six crew members caught fire off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. All of the passengers died in the accident and one crew member. It’s now been revealed that the cause of the fire may have been a lithium battery charging station that passengers and crew used to charge phones and devices while on board the boat during the 3 day voyage.

Fiore Achermann, a maritime law firm based in San Francisco will be representing at least one of the families of the victims affected by the tragedy. They are doing their due diligence to find out how, why and who is responsible for the accident.

“Recent developments include the fact that Truth Aquatics had a fire on board their sister ship, the VISION, that was ignited by a lithium battery just one year before the CONCEPTION’s deadly voyage. ” (source: Fiore Achermann)