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Insurance defense specialist, Jennifer E. Seipel, joined Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel just eight months ago as a Senior Associate. In a short time the firm took notice of her stellar work. They announced yesterday that she has been promoted to Partner. Siepel is a civil litigator who focuses her work on insurance defense. She is […]
A story developing via . Two vessels crashed while navigating through the Mississippi River, just outside New Orleans on Sunday morning. The two vessels involved in the crash were the RC Creppel (pushing a barge carrying sulfuric acid) and The Cooperative. According to, the RC Creppel sank into the river while The Cooperative […]
The Houston injury firm has rebranded their name from The Chaffin Law Firm to Chaffin and Homan Trial Lawyers. Robert Chaffin, the firm’s founder, has been an expert in maritime injury litigation for over 47 years and now he’s got the next generation of big case litigators at the ready in Nick Homan, a South […]
E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc., one of the leading U.S. Gulf & East Coast providers of harbor tug and towing services has hired two attorneys from the New Orleans law firm, Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard. One attorney being Top New Orleans maritime lawyer, Stewart F. Peck. Their client is the plaintiff in a […]